Achieve Strength Through Balance

Athletics // Aesthetics // Quality of Life

Elegant in its simplicity and maximally efficient, the iBalance Machine takes core training to a whole new level.  The technology behind the machine incorporates varying levels of controlled instability for a deeper core connection and greater muscle engagement.  Utilizing core strength as a functional building block, the machine allows for dozens of movement combinations, from basic planks and push-ups, to  strength, cardio, and even Pilates based training methods.

Our iBalance tech is the perfect tool to improve posture, performance, and alleviate chronic pain.   So, whether you’re looking for an athletic edge, a six-pack short-cut, or a quality of life “hack,” the iBalance is an integral part of your journey.

The iBalance was built upon these beliefs, which we call our 4 PILLARS

Core Connectivity
Engage the mind, as well as the body. Strengthen your mind-muscle connection, and reap the benefits inside and outside the gym.
Total Body Strength & Endurance:
Leverage dynamic instability to challenge your body in new and exciting ways, or isolate your weak points to prevent or recover from injury.
Postural Correction
Weak core muscles are an underlying cause of poor posture. Strengthen the core and release tension in the hips, back, neck, and shoulders.
Pain Prevention
The body was designed to function as a unit. Athletic injury, poor posture, and chronic pain can all be lessened with a strong foundation (e.g. THE CORE).

“The iBalance is a revolutionary addition to the rehab world. As a physical therapist, I encounter people everyday with poor core stability which leads not only to back issues but also affects the use of their extremities as well. It can be challenging to teach proper engagement of core muscles but the Balance is a game changer. From beginner to expert the Balance can be modified using its unique features to keep my patients safe and help them improve their lives!”

-Amy Mourad, PT, MPT
Aim Sports Medicine, Los Angeles, CA